Black Philanthropy Month

August is Black Philanthropy Month and we are so excited to celebrate this month with you all.

We believe that equity is possible, with the power and consistency of black philanthropy.  As part of this month-long series on Black Philanthropy, we will be showcasing some of our work over the last year in support of small businesses led by people of color, and some of the research we've don on the impact covid had on black businesses.

This would not be possible without the generous donations from individual donations and corporate giving programs.

Take action today! Your support facilitates avenues for people of color to leverage the economic value of cultural capital and improve their quality of life.

Yes! I want to eliminate inequities and improve the quality of life of for people of color!


Black Philanthropy is in our mission. Our custom programs and services (Grassroots Action Project, ABC Help Desk, Fiscal Sponsorship+ and Rising Tides Research Institute) facilitates avenues for people of color and their communities, to leverage the economic value of cultural capital and improve their quality of life by addressing barriers of access to capital, networks, and knowledge.

At the same time, we'd like to cultivate funders to think in a more expansive way. It's easy to support the black-owned businesses - restaurants, yoga studio's, retail store, etc. But did you know you can be philanthropic and help black-owned businesses thrive by donating directly to a cause that you support? Donations allow you to have greater control over where your money, what it is used for.

If you are interested in learning more about Black Philanthropy Month and how you can get involved, and other ways to celebrate, visit blackphilanthropymonth.com.

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