Black Village Arts

Black Village Arts merges community outreach and the arts to service black and brown youth in underserved and underfunded neighborhoods.

Our vision is to make the arts more affordable and accessible in marginalized communities. Founded by Brandi Jones in August 2020, Black Village Arts is a Queens based all black multi-purpose collective who believes given current times, art remains essential to address the fight for black lives and the systemic issues within our communities. Yet, minority students suffer the most in the rapid decline of the arts within their education. In ten months, we’ve spearheaded over 50 free or low-cost art programming servicing black and brown kids ages 4-16 in various art mediums, aided in youth education of mutual aid and the launch and maintenance of 7 community fridges that help feed families in low-come BIPOC communities, partnered with several black owned businesses to hold space for local youth, connecting them with our artists to learn and express themselves through commissioned work increasing the businesses foot traffic, hosted an all black girl & women art exhibit and showcase for Black History Month and built personal relationships with many families.

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