Brown Art Ink

Brown Art Ink (BAI) is a nomadic community art incubator.

Brown Art Ink is a nomadic community incubator which supports an arts ecosystem for artists, cultural practitioners, and communities of color––with special attention to women of color.

BAI operates with three goals in mind:
-Increase the opportunities for artists of color to have successful, sustainable art careers
-Advocate for the presence, needs, and issues of local artists to be reflected in large arts and cultural institutions
-Demonstrate that support for the public arts and humanities has tangible effects on the urban, economic development of local communities

BAI’s work is centered around creating paid opportunities for artists to show their work in museums, galleries, and public spaces; providing artists with additional training in the non-technical professional skills; by partnering with larger arts organizations to develop their engagement with local communities.

Women in Residence Project

Amanda Figueroa, Resource Manager
Ravon Ruffin, Community Manager

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