For the Gworls

For the Gworls (FTG) is a collective that raises housing and medical funds for Black trans people.

Founded by Asanni Armon, For the Gworls raises money on behalf of Black trans people to help them pay for rent and gender-affirming surgeries. FTG does this in one of the most spectacularly unique ways, by throwing monthly rent parties. Their mission is to raise funds to help Black trans folks afford essential services that are often denied to them, such as rent and comprehensive healthcare. FTG accomplishes this not only with direct mutual aid for their community members’ pockets, but also teach-ins, panel discussions, and providing healing spaces.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the difficulty of Black trans folks securing these services, FTG has adjusted to serve their community. While the rent parties are currently on hold, FTG has taken to online crowdfunding and creating their Medical Travel Fund.

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Asanni Armon, Founder and Organizer
DJ Maahd, Resident DJ

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Kamala Harris' Stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff, Supports This Trans-Led Org

"Back in November, Emhoff posted a knit pants raffle on her accounts where followers could donate $10 to the For The Gworls rent and gender affirming surgery fund."

NBC News

Beyond crisis funding: Black-led organizations that saw a surge in donations look for lasting impact

Heading into 2021, Black-led nonprofits and organizations encounter new — and old — funding challenges after a surge in donors in 2020.


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