The Transgender Education Foundation (formally the Frances Thompson Educational Foundation)

The Transgender Education Foundation works to increase education access to high-potential transgender students experiencing financial difficulty balancing gender transition and academic costs.

We execute our work through a two-year program that awards students $12,000 to support their retention and graduation through their accredited programs. This cohort of students engages in ongoing workforce development and academic career counseling provided by our all-trans executive team. Since 2020, this program has provided $120,000 to twenty students in three countries, with a 100% graduation rate. Our emergency assistance program funded over 700 black trans students with education assistance living in U.S. states with active anti-transgender legislation proposals. Our scholars have gone on to publish their research, speak directly with leadership in the U.S. Department of Education, and present at conferences at Harvard University.

Our work promotes a new diverse American workforce, LGBT economic development, the preservation of arts and culture, and the prevention of HIV transmission through sex work.

Currently: The Transgender Education Foundation Scholarship Fund

Kenya Boudreaux, Founder & Executive Director

Desi Hall, Director of Student Affairs

Aishani Majumdar, Director of Marketing

Jupiter Peraza, Director of Programs

Tyra Blac, Director of Communications

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