Mark A. West Jr. Museum & Center for the Arts

The Mark A. West Jr. Museum (MWM), also known locally as the House of Mark West, is a cultural art institution, gallery and creative hub for artists serving NYC since 2018.

As being one of the only black-owned and queer owned cultural institutions located in New York City, for the purpose of the preservation and the proliferation of black arts, their platform was founded to promote underrepresented culture through visibility. It is in their duty to highlight and preserve art from the marginalized communities and to elevate their status so that it may be recognized globally.

MWM is praised for catering primarily to Black, Brown, LGBTQ, differently-abled, and young (k-12) artists and creatives. As there are so few major cultural centers organized by POC in NYC, they have the privilege of being incredibly vital in the arts scene. They understand how difficult it is for art made by minorities to be appreciated widely and globally. This understanding has allowed them to grow to serve the underserved and offer the art world something completely fresh and align arts with purpose. Originally starting as a small gallery in LIC, they have grown to host monthly art exhibitions, free grant-writing workshops, artist residency programs, community food drives, open mic competitions, art classes and town hall meetings across NYC.

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