12 Instagram Accounts That Empower Latinas and Other WOC

“Women of color have been shut out of many industries, including the art world. But with the Brown Girls Museum Blog, Ravon Ruffin and Amanda Figueroa have tried to bring our voices to the forefront.”

"For the Gworls Party's Asanni Armon Talks With Joshua Allen "

“..I sat down with Asanni Armon, a Brooklyn-based rapper, community organizer and founder of For The Gworls Party to discuss this historic moment in American history, and to celebrate the major contributions of Black trans and nonbinary young people to our generation's freedom struggle.”

"Anything for the Gworls"

" Prime among them is For the Gworls, a platform connecting and raising money for the Black trans community. In the past year, FTG has grown amid pandemic and protest from a monthly party raising money for friends to a major operation with more than 44,000 followers on Instagram that, at the time of writing, has redistributed more than $263,000 to Black trans people in need of support, no questions asked."

"Asanni Armon’s Collective, For The Gworls, Gives Directly To Black Trans People In Need"

“On July 4, 2019, Asanni Armon threw a party to raise money for two friends who needed help paying rent. When it worked, Armon decided to use the model to help even more people. Their collective, For the Gworls, was born.”

"office Initiatives: For the Gworls"

“Unfortunately for the 25-year-old musician, Asanni Armon’s closest friends, two trans people existing and working in New York, were risking eviction. Sadly for many trans people, this is their reality, but the deterioration of her friend's sustainability was unforeseeable for her. Just then, the Atlanta native was sitting in her therapist’s office when she was pondering the severity and weight of the situation. She couldn't band-aid her pain unless she was able to aid in sustaining and protecting her loved ones' lives.”