Grassroots action project

The Grassroots Action Project (GAP) ensures that organizations, businesses, and social enterprises led by people of color, serving people of color, and operating with a budget of less than $2M receive subsidized access to our capacity-building services.

Since 2016, GAP has provided over 100 small- to mid-sized organizations nationwide with program development, program evaluation, board development for racial equity, fundraising, and community organizing. Acting as the programs and services arm of ABC, these initiatives are designed to target professionals of color who have already built their organizations and need help with access to capital, networks, and funding knowledge.

The Grassroots Action Project (GAP) is a capacity building ecosystem that offers services and programmatic engagements that utilizes technical assistance to support people of color, with an emphasis on Black, Latinx and Indigenous peoples-led and people of color-serving individuals and organizations in retaining the economic value of their cultural capital. GAP engages this through:

  • The Fiscal Sponsorship+ Program- This program extends our nonprofit status to our sponsorees, making them eligible to receive funding that is typically reserved for nonprofit organizations. At ABC, we pride ourselves on our hands-on approach and personalized services!
  • The Speaker Series (A Better Conversation)- This program invites BIPOC artists and arts businesses owners to have an honest conversation that examines the conditions faced by BIPOC artists and arts businesses prior to and since COVID in order to cultivate collaborative strategies for sustainability and success. 

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Fiscal Sponsorship +Speaker Series
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