Rising Tides Research Institute

Rising Tides Research Institute

Rising Tides Research Institute (RTRI) is an action-oriented research department that conducts projects which contribute to progressive and radical public policies that address the enduring systems of inequalities that have impacted POC, Black people in particular, with a focus on key stakeholders in the arts: artists, business owners, and nonprofit organizations. Additionally, RTRI strategically uses research to support the development of relevant, partner-facing programming capable of adapting to change.

What are Rising Tides Research Institute’s values?
What is Rising Tides Research Institute’s Vision for Impact?

The Team

Led by research scientists trained on issues of embodiment, economics, civil discourse, the arts and public health, Rising Tides Research Institute executes action-based research through a lens of racial equity. Rising Tides researchers use traditional methods such as surveys and textual analysis, but also incorporate a significant amount of ethnographic data collection and analysis, community dialogues, and new technologies in motion trafficking.

Erika Pettersen, MA

Research & Development Strategist

Dianne Walsh, MS

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