Interviews with key ABC staff and collaborators.

Staff Spotlight: Kelley Matthews

Our Staff Spotlight for the short but sweet month of February is Kelley Matthews, our inimitable Administrative Assistant! Kelley is a graduate of SUNY New Paltz with a BA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Kelley has a passion for youth development and extending services to young, vulnerable communities that are often overlooked. She dreams of one day opening a youth center to assist young people through all transitions in life and hopes ABC is the first step to achieving that.

Staff Spotlight: Véronëque Ignace

Our first Staff Spotlight of 2021 is a member of our research department, Véronëque Ignace. Véronëque is a cultural activist, public health researcher, community-based organizer, and performing artist. Véronëque is dedicated to achieving her long term goal to seamlessly combine her passion for Haiti, people, and dance in such a way that allows for large-scale healing.

Staff Spotlight: Nicole Martinez

Nicole is a writer, comedy gal, amateur baker, podcast enthusiast, and ABC's Communications & PR Associate. Nicole’s creative work has focused on uplifting the voices of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ folks. She is one of the co-creators of Dead-Enders, a comedy web series about the zombie apocalypse which aired in 2020. She hopes to continue her work in helping cultivate artistic spaces and structures that are accessible, inclusive, and welcoming.

Staff Spotlight: Carolyn Renée Pautz

Carolyn is a dancer, gardener, scholar, ethnographer, and Brooklynite! She is ABC’s Director of Research and Strategy. Carolyn’s work is purpose-driven, thoughtful, and community-oriented. She also holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Dance Studies from Temple University and a Master of Arts from NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a focus in Caribbean anthropology and performance studies. Carolyn continues to be a frequent guest lecturer and dance teaching artist at Webster University.

Interview with Amanda Figueroa

Amanda Figueroa is a web and graphic designer, doctoral candidate, artist, and co-founder of Brown Art Ink (BAI). Through her work as a Resource Manager for BAI, Amanda believes that art is a tool to fight economic injustice, a belief that is central to her work in leading fundraising and other initiatives to unlock institutional resources for artists. She lives in Roxbury with her pup Ari, and is completing her Ph.D. at Harvard University. Here at ABC, we've been working with Amanda to completely redesign our website, which we're so excited to launch!